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This morning at work, I was typing away, sending e-mails to members of staff, reminding them about their deadlines, urging them to send the required elements...And for a moment, I stop. And I smile. A warm and bright light glows inside me.
The work was not done. I was, am and will be extremely busy for days to come. But I feel content. I feel like I'm doing something, no matter how little or insignificant. Doing things that are changing me, slowly, not into a different person, just a better version of me.
There are thousands of things that I still want to do. This very moment. But alas, we are bound by time, responsibilities, priorities. And yet, I somehow still feel content, satisfied, almost. I still manage to smile.

I've been writing more which is great. Reading more too. TV has become something of the past. It's like nothing good is ever on anymore. I miss movies and shows. All in good time though, all in good time.

Not spending so much time with my family. Not as much as I'd like. I thought I'd be really upset at that, which I am, frankly, but this break has made me appreciate them so much more, enjoy their company so much more when we are together.

This post was supposed to go up on Thursday. But it's still applicable so I'm posting it today. Also, it should not be mistaken for a sad or gloomy post. It's more of a saintly realization of contentment sort of thing...



eshda3wa said...

what good books have u read lately?!

F. said...

Breakfast At Tiffany's was a great read. The edition I bought had three of Capote's short stories as well. They were absolutely AMAZING!

I can't believe I hadn't read Capote before. Fantastic writer.

The stories were:
House of Flowers
The Diamond Guitar
A Christmas Memory

I think these are thecorrect titles...the book is upstairs and I wrote those from memory.

Moos the Monk said...

Welcome to the dark side ;-p

This the larvae stage, I think... 20 to 25 holds lots of surprises, beautiful ones, ugly ones or just shocking... I think it's when you really discover yourself... "realizations" lots of that!
It's ok if you don't find anything good on TV, wait till next year, TV will be worse!
Only when you raise above... you fly... like a butterfly ;-)

F. said...

Moos: Hehe...thanks for the inspirational banter.

J said...

Spending less time with family really does make you appreciate them more. I get that sometimes.

Keep smiling :)

F. said...

J: It does. Thanks J. :)

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